First days…

12 10 2008

So far this has been a warm welcome in many ways…

On my first night I went to dinner with my friend Daniel from Vienna, who happened to be in Firenze, which is not more than an hour by train from Bologna. We had dinner at Trattoria Fantoni in Via Pratello, during the day a quaint pedestrian road, in the evening one of the centers of Bologna night life.

Via Pratello

Via Pratello

Yesterday I walked the city streets,  criss-crossing the old town and checking on some of the main places of interest. From a visit years ago I remembered a quiet piazza. Having a very rough idea where it could be I set out to find it – and succeeded. The place in front of the S. Stefano church was housing a little antiques fair.

Antiques at S. Stefano

Antiques at S. Stefano

The evening brought me a first encounter with some of my fellow MBA students, some of them accompanied by their partners.  We had some drinks at a pub and later landed at an “interesting” party. However, nice evening, cool people.

Today I explored the way to the school and its vicinities with my motorbike, catching a nice view over parts of the city.

Bologna hills

Bologna hills

After that I went to see Giardini Margherita, Bologna’s main – or one could say: only – park. Nice,  but really crowded.




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25 11 2008

I colli bolognesi… dopo di averli visti, si puo’ morire…

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