Sunday passegiata

19 10 2008

When in Italy, do as the italians do…. therefore I took an extended afternoon walk to some places of interest in centrocittà.

Two towers?! From beginning of Ugo Bassi street, one can only see the Torre degli Asinelli – and little traffic on a sunday afternoon!

Via Ugo Bassi

Via Ugo Bassi

To see and be seen nothing is better than the Piazza Maggiore.

Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore

I took a look into the Basilica San Petronio.

Basilica San Petronio

Basilica San Petronio

Integrated into the floor there is a meridian line that was used for time measurement purposes.

Meridian line in San Petronio

Meridian line in San Petronio

After that I moved on to a special place recommended by university staff – “La Sorbetteria” in Via Castiglione. Promised to be the best ice cream place in Bologna it did live up to my (high!) expectations.

La Sorbetteria

La Sorbetteria

Finally I inspected a surprising detail of Bologna – the few and small remainders of its once important canal system (interesting description can be found here).

Some people even thought it is like a window into Venezia…

"Venezia" window

On this occasion I saw some people doing the “urban rafting” tour offered by some kind of cultural / touristic association.

The canal is not very deep

The canal is not very deep

Urban rafting

"Urban rafting"... urban waters urban waters




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