Downtown shopping and Italo-Austrian history

28 11 2008

One of the streets I have found to be most helpful for my causes here in Bologna so far is Via Oberdan, named after this Gentleman here. (Click for link to his story on Wikipedia)

Guglielmo Oberdan (*Wilhelm Oberdank)

Having heard the (slightly strange) name before and wondered what his story might be, I looked it up – thank you Wiki guys! He was the son of….
– an Austrian soldier from Lombardia-Veneto who did not recognize him
– a Slovene woman from the region of Gorizia-Gradisca, whose name he took on
Studying at Vienna Technical University he became member of the italian irredentist movement, italianized his name and finally tried to assasinate OUR EMPEROR Franz Joseph in Trieste through a bomb attack!! (Sorry about this sudden outburst of subdued Austrian monarchism!) Anyway two people died, Oberdan was caught and executed at the age of 24. After the successful risorgimento many places and streets have been named after him throughout Italy.

What I originally meant to post was a suggestion of shops in Via Oberdan, I got somehow carried away… so there are:
– Caffé Terzi (left side, coming from Via Rizzoli): most traditional and famous caffé
– Cartoleria F.lli Biagini: excellent stationery shop (right side, further down Via Oberdan)
– An EXCELLENT small outdoor and travel bookstore (right side, even further down the Via)


Work and chocolate

23 11 2008

Week 6 out of 10 (according to the official MBA calender) of the first term lies behind me. Workload is becoming quite intense now – so much to do, so little time…! Next week will feature the first exam – long time ago since I have taken the last one in university! And if I am not completely mistaken it had something to do with chemistry… 😉

Anyway there is always a little time left to do something other than study! My sunday walk today took me past Piazza Maggiore that has been hosting “Cioch in BO” (Click for link) – a chocolate fair with exhibitors from all over Italy.

Piazza Maggiore with chocolate fair

Piazza Maggiore with chocolate fair

It was really crowded!

Ciocch in BO!

Ciocch_in _BO!

FIAT – Fix It Again Tomorrow

21 11 2008

Nostalgia is coming (parking) my way! I took this picture yesterday with the camera of my phone just outside my student residence.

Does any one of you remember this -ehm- car?!

WIKIPEDIA says about it: “Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Panda was designed as a modern day “peasant car”: A cheap, basic, no-frills utility vehicle that would be easy to use and maintain.”

I remember the harlem-style ignition, engine problems on the highway, a brake fade-out after going down the Velebit mountains (Dominik, Helga – my great respect for taking this trip with me!) and of course a legendary 5-person-plus-luggage weekend trip from Graz to Grado, going up in second gear the highway from Graz to Klagenfurt.



Obviously it is still possible to drive those here in Italy… 😉

Anyway, I looked at it more closely and it had all the features I so vividly remember from “mine”…

Financial Crisis Summary

17 11 2008

I have been sending this link to some of you already, because I really like it… (Just click!)

Make sure to look at point 2.3 — I was not aware of that until recently.

And here some nice explanations on CDO and CDS.

Birthday week summary

17 11 2008

So another birthday. As our marketing professor said, after asking for my age: “As long as it’s lees than 40, it’s still o.k.” Well, great. Thanks, man!

But I am not going to enter the league of age complaining people, not even at 37…

Especially not, after a great week with…

– Presents for my birthday and the whole MBA class singing “Happy Bithday” for me
– A fun night out in pub on Nov. 11 (And, what needs to be mentioned: 49 visits here on duetorri on my birthday!! Thanks!)
– An excellent Jazz concert featuring Milton Nascimiento at the Bologna Jazz Festival (Link added!)
– A 16-person Lasagne fiesta in our apartment
– A sunny sunday and a nice exercising walk up to Santuario San Luca – a Sanctuary featuring a byzantine Icon of Mary with the child Jesus that has allegedly been painted by the Evangelist Luke (Click on the picture for my full gallery!!)

Santuario di San Luca

Santuario di San Luca

Weekly work…

10 11 2008

As some of you are interested – here is an exemplary (if somewhat extreme) time schedule for one week. It needs to be mentioned that the Italian classes will end with next week and the “Office hours” of our academic tutor are an offer and not obligatory.

Calendar Week 5

Example: Calendar Week 5

Home – sick!?

10 11 2008

Different from original plans I have spent the past weekend in Vienna, mainly in order to see my dentist to get some acute pain problem fixed on Friday.

(So, sorry to all of you I did not call/mail/inform – I had brought a certain amount of work with me and there was not sufficient time for major gatherings. I will make up for that in December, promise!!)

However it felt strange to come back. In a way I really have made Bologna “another home” for the time being, and I realized that when the plane was taking off and I saw the illuminated Santuario San Luca on the hill over Bologna as well as when we approached Vienna and I started seeing its city lights. So I don’t think I will be back another time before Christmas.

Travelling into Vienna

Travelling into Vienna

Activities this weekend included some of my Vienna favorites as 80s Club at Chelsea and a visit to the Vienna Zoo. I also went to watch Quantum Of Solace, the new Bond movie – lots of action, less story and less cool humor compared to Casino Royale.