Downtown shopping and Italo-Austrian history

28 11 2008

One of the streets I have found to be most helpful for my causes here in Bologna so far is Via Oberdan, named after this Gentleman here. (Click for link to his story on Wikipedia)

Guglielmo Oberdan (*Wilhelm Oberdank)

Having heard the (slightly strange) name before and wondered what his story might be, I looked it up – thank you Wiki guys! He was the son of….
– an Austrian soldier from Lombardia-Veneto who did not recognize him
– a Slovene woman from the region of Gorizia-Gradisca, whose name he took on
Studying at Vienna Technical University he became member of the italian irredentist movement, italianized his name and finally tried to assasinate OUR EMPEROR Franz Joseph in Trieste through a bomb attack!! (Sorry about this sudden outburst of subdued Austrian monarchism!) Anyway two people died, Oberdan was caught and executed at the age of 24. After the successful risorgimento many places and streets have been named after him throughout Italy.

What I originally meant to post was a suggestion of shops in Via Oberdan, I got somehow carried away… so there are:
– Caffé Terzi (left side, coming from Via Rizzoli): most traditional and famous caffé
– Cartoleria F.lli Biagini: excellent stationery shop (right side, further down Via Oberdan)
– An EXCELLENT small outdoor and travel bookstore (right side, even further down the Via)




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