First term is over

25 12 2008

Finally made it… on Friday Dec. 19th at around 20.00 hrs I mailed the last piece of work for this first term to our strategy professor and that was that. Roughly three hours earlier I took the pictures below on a short shopping excursion around town center.

X-Mas in town 1

X-Mas in town 1

What followed was a very nice farewell dinner, packing stuff and a trip to Vienna the next day.

I had also managed to upload the pictures into a draft version of this post, but having filled up the following days in Austria so much with meeting friends, preparing for christmas through last-minute shopping and travelling on to my parents it is only now, six days later that I manage to write a few comprehensible words.

X-Mas in town 2

X-Mas in town 2

All in all this was an intense period of time, passing by in what seemed to be just an instant yet filled with so many new impressions that usually a year does not contain.

Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has been part of this!

And looking at the pictures again now, do I miss Bologna? Yes, I think I do – even though it feels very good to reconnect with my roots…!

X-Mas in town 3

X-Mas in town 3




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