Medical adventures (Part 1)

22 01 2009

My recent fascination with long runs has made a medical problem surface – it seems my feet are not fit to endure such exercise, resulting in a non-serious but nevertheless somewhat constant pain in my left foot. So in order to get some insoles to put into my (running) shoes I need to see a doctor to give me a prescription – and here is where the fun starts.

That's Henri Dunant - Click for link to the red cross!

That's not my doctor, that's Henri Dunant - Click for link to the red cross!

In order to utilize my basic state health insurance I need to see a General Practitioner first, before seeing an orthopedic – if I went directly, I would have to pay myself. At least that is what the homepage of Bologna’s orthopedic clinic tells me.

So here I go, looking for a GP close to my apartment via the phone directory. Out of 6 medical studios that were labeled “medici generici” I managed to reach 4 – fair enough. First one tells me they are a “medico legale” – so they mainly work for insurances making expertises or so I understood. My italian skills become shaky on the phone. Then next one tells me, they are an aesthetic surgery practice. Ok, I do not want my feet to be more beautiful,  I can accept them the way they are.

So finally one gentleman and one lady finally say they are what they appear to be in the phone directory – the next chance to see one of them is monday….  [To be continued]




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