Medical adventures (Part 2)

28 01 2009

A quick update on the second episode: Having found out about two GPs (“medici generici”) in my neighborhood I went to the one closest to my place. Entering I saw one of the uglier waiting rooms I have ever seen, full with people, some standing. With some hesitation I advanced into the room next to it. To my surprise another waiting room (full, of course!) and no reception or anything of that kind! I asked a lady how that all worked, if one has to draw a waiting number (very popular in Italy – must-do if you ever want to be served fresh meat/cheese/sausages in a supermarket!). She said that no, there was no such thing and that I simply had to go after the last person that had entered the waiting area before me – another lady raised her hand. The perspective that I would have to wait my turn after approximately 40-50 people without even a seat or a perspective how long that could take made me decide to give the other GP a chance!

Famous doctors....

Famous doctors....

When I arrived at the second “studio medico” of my choice I was surprised to see on the sign on the door that the doctor actually was a dermatologist. But as he had told me on the phone that, yes, he was a general practitioner and I should come and he would examine me I decided to enter anyway. The place was quite old fashioned, a lot smaller, and the waiting “system” was the same, however only three people so I decided to sit and wait. After only about 10 minutes it was my turn and a very nice gentleman (Dr. Piergiovanni Rocchi, Tel. 051 523523) in his 50s led me into his examination room. After I had explained the problem he wrote me a referral to see an orthopaedist and asked me to return after that visit.

To get the appointment – and that was the interesting part – he sent me to a pharmacy. There they entered my data including Austrian (=European) insurance into their system and got me an appointment at a local “ambulatorio” that will take place today, actually – I guess I should try and go to sleep earlier! However, for this “ticket” as they call it I had to pay 18 Euro… let’s see if Austrian insurance will reimburse me, because there it should be free of charge.

Institutions visited so far: 3

Thereof with tangible result: 2

Money spent: 18 Euro

Time invested (appr.): 1 hour




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