Medical adventures (Part 3)

28 01 2009

So this morning I left for the medical center to see the orthopaedist. My appointment was for 8.00, to be sure I arrived there at 7.45 to an empty waiting area. The ladies at the reception told me to sit down and wait until the doctor would call me which I did. As we have lately been distributed a lot of reading material for classes I did not mind waiting a little.


"If he gets better, I'm right, if he dies, you're right." Greg House, M.D.

Time passed and the waiting area slowly filled up. Someone tried to enter the doctor’s room, found it locked and concluded that he had not arrived. At 8.30 finally he showed up – a 50-something gentleman looking not overly motivated, but not unfriendly. After a brief look at my feet and no questions except whether I had to stand a lot during work he concluded he had never seen feet like that (whatever that means!) and said he could not say anything more without an x-ray. So he gave me two more referral papers: one for the x-ray and one for to see him again after I would get the x-ray images.

To make appointments for those two occasions I had to go to some office on ground level that was linked to that same system as the pharmacy.  There I had to take a number (the supermarket system), wait for about 10 minutes and then got my appointments. I found out that I had to make another visit to that place between the two “official ones” to pick up my x-ray images. Why they can not send them to me or to the doc who is in the same house I do not know.

Institutions visited so far: 5

Thereof with tangible result: 4

Money spent: 18 Euro

Time invested (appr.): 2 hours

Days passed since first decision to go and see a doctor: 7




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