Medical adventures (3 1/2) and beach fun

2 02 2009

On the weekend while re-reading the appointment documents for both the x-ray and the next visit with the orthopaedist I realized, that again I need to pay a participation for those visits. The lady who had made the reservation for me at the ambulatorio probably had assumed that I know that anyway…

Dr. No!

Another famous doctor: Dr. No!

So I went to my local pharmacy, explained the situation and got rid of another 48,60 Euro for the two appointments! So now I am really ready for the next stage – on Thursday morning the x-ray awaits me.

Institutions visited so far: 6

Thereof with tangible result: 5

Money spent: 66,60 Euro (beware that number!)

Time invested (appr.): 2.15 hours

Days passed since first decision to go and see a doctor: 12

To all readers out there: Thank You for your patience with my medical stories… I promise I will have some nice other things to report next weekend after our group excursion to Val di Sole.

However, many of you might be longing for hot temperatures, the sun, beach life and all the amenities combined with that. So I have two little gifts for you that I found while image-searching for Dr. No – the hidden-island-headquarters beach fun crew! 🙂

One for the boys....

One for the boys (Ursula Andress, Switzerland *1936)...

...and one for the girls, of course!

...and one for the girls, of course! (Sir Sean Connery, Scotland, * 1930 -nice hair!)




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