Medical adventures (Part 4)

5 02 2009

Just a quick post from the Thursday lunchbreak, after the Thursday morning x-ray. To begin with the overall impression: it was highly efficient! I arrived at 7.50 at the ambulatorio, with the appointment scheduled for 8.00. Shortly after me arrived a lady and her approximately 16 yr. old son. I guess with 16 you can still have your mother accompany you – at least if she is driving. The x-ray operator appeared to take our documents and one minute later called the guy in. Ok, technically I had been there first, but (a) maybe he had an earlier appointment date and (b) after all I am just a guest in this country.

Anyway, two minutes before 8.00 the guy appeared again in the door and the operator behind him called “Schneider!” into the waiting room which I thought was good enough, especially considering there was no one else in the room at the moment – except for the mum, that is. I went in, took off my shoes, sat down on the examining table, got my feet x-rayed, put the shoes on again and left. And also the lady informed me that I could pick up the result just on the day when I would return to see the orthopaedist again (not on a separate occasion, as suggested to me previously). To sum it up:

Institutions visited so far: 7

Thereof with tangible result: 6

Money spent: 66,60 Euro (beware that number!)

Time invested (appr.): 2.30 hours

Days passed since first decision to go and see a doctor: 14

(No additional doctor pictures today. Have to go back to the lecture starting in 5 min. – after that I’m off to Dimaro in Val di Sole. Report to follow on Sunday.)




One response

8 02 2009

Another two medical adventures and you’d better do a quick trip to Vienna for seeing doctors of any kind – for the same price.
No comment for the results for now. Let’s give the Italian health care a chance. I wait for the next reports.
lg margot

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