Mountain days in Madonna di Campiglio

8 02 2009

A great weekend in the mountains lies behind me. Two days of so much snow as never seen before and one day of magnificent weather and fantastic views of the Brenta Dolomites. After thinking about what to write,  I finally decided to simply let the images speak for themselves.

So, here is the link to my complete picture gallery (two examples below):

Dolomiti in the clouds

Dolomiti in the clouds

Snow & sun

Snow & sun

And there is also a video channel on youtube!!! (Click for link)

Finally, some thanks goes to our accomodation at the “Kaiserkrone” in Dimaro.  The rooms were very nice, the people were friendly and the breakfast was… let’s say “typically italian” – and everything at a reasonable price. And they really have had Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I. (aka Cecco-Beppe, in Italy, thanks Jacopo) as their guest some years ago! Check the “History” section on what might be the worst looking homepage in the country (click here)!




2 responses

8 02 2009

Photos and Videos machen echt Lust. Mal sehen, wie es in Villach aussieht. Vielleicht begebe ich mich ebenfalls unter die Wintersportler. Schlittenfahren ist immerhin auch was Nettes.
lg margot

27 02 2009

CECCO Beppe!!!

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