Another victim of those Austrians…

17 02 2009

One of the streets in the heart of Bologna I use often is named after Ugo Bassi, whose statue you can see at the picture below. Two things attracted my interest: A street in a very prominent place named after someone I had never even heard of before and the statue showing that he was a priest yet at the same time indicating he was a freemason – not such an obvious combination.

Ugo Bassi

Ugo Bassi

His story in short words: He decided to be a priest at 18 after an unhappy love affair (how is that for a start), became famous for his eloquent and enthusiastic preachings and for helping the poor. During the Risorgimento he became a follower of Garibaldi and supported the freedom fighters by tending to the wounded during and after the fights, getting wounded himself in battle. He did never bear any weapons, yet when he was caught he was accused of just that before a court martial and consecutively executed in Bologna on August 8th 1849 at the age of 48. (Click here for the full story on the online Encyclopedia Britannica)

About his affiliation with the freemasons I could not find anything searching the web, however a LinkedIn profile from a gentleman working at the European Commission appeared.




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