How to realize spring is coming to Bologna

17 02 2009

My low blog visitor statistics suggest that it is time for some new stuff here… ok, here we go. Last Saturday I went running in the afternoon (no, the foot issue is not resolved, next episode will take place tomorrow!) and realized that spring is showing its first signs. So for future or less experienced Bologna inhabitants, here is how to tell spring is arriving:

– suddenly there are many people in the streets offering to clean windshields at traffic lights

Not in Bologna...

Not in Bologna...

– there are less people in the streets wearing jackets that make them look like they live in Siberia
– not only hardcore smokers but also non-smoking young couples sit outside in parks or street cafes
– the parks (and my jogging route) are not only populated by cold-defying dog owners but also by people going for a walk or doing sports




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