Venice carnival

24 02 2009

Now here is my lttle Venice carnival story… on Sunday morning we took the 09.00 train from Bologna to Venezia S.Lucia. Already in Bologna the train was so full that some people could only stand, and on the way in Ferrara, Padova and Mestre there were more and more and more.

Little surprise, in the city of Venice it was the same: People and more people! We fought our way into the heart of the city to reach San Marco, where most of the events were taking place and most of the people with very elaborate masks were promenading. We watched the competition for the most beautiful mask for a little while – I even captured the winner on a short video (Click for link, at 0:30 seconds)!!

Venice carnival impression

Venice carnival impression

(Click here for the full picture gallery!)

I am glad that I went to see it, it was a nice experience although I don’t think I will become a Venice carnival regular.

The way back then proved to be difficult enough. We tried to reach the 18.00 train, but only came to the station five minutes before six. So we decided to have a coffee and go to the platform at 18.30 in order to get a seat on the seven o’clock train. What we did get at that time was a place in a big crowd in front of the platform, that was sealed off by police in order to keep people from storming the train, that was already packed with people. After the seven o’clock train had left, the police opened the platform for just some minutes so the people that would crowd themselves into the 20.00 train could stand there and wait…




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