Medical adventures (Part 5)

25 02 2009

I am a bit behind on telling the latest developments on the medical issue. A week ago I went back to the Ambulatorio to get my x-rays and see the orthopaedist again. For all of you who follow ER, Dr. House, Scrubs etc…. here is your chance to state your personal diagnosis (simply comment on this post….)

Happy feet

Happy feet

The result of it all is much less spectacular than the process of getting it:

The doc said something with the geometry of the bones in my left foot is not o.k., but it is a genetic condition so no repair works needed / possible. He wrote me a prescription to get insoles and additionally some laser therapy in case I felt I needed that to make the pain go away faster (it is gone now anyway).  One day after that I went to an orthopedic shop, they computer-scanned my feet and are now preparing the insoles for me, which I can pick up in two days.

Institutions visited so far: 9

Thereof with tangible result: 8

Money spent: 86,60 Euro

Time invested (appr.): 3.30 hours

Days passed since first decision to go and see a doctor: 27




One response

28 02 2009

27 days..i’ve been telling everyone that Italy was once part of Africa (if Alps are there, there has to be a scientific reason, no?).
But i also told you to overcome difficulties in the italian way (going to the hospital saying the pain was too much, and to cry and to weep till you get the result-for free)!

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