Sunday trip

22 03 2009

As the weather was not warm enough for a long trip to the sea and my health was not good enough for a run I rode my motorbike to one of the sites of the Parco Naturale Delta Po (Link!) and took a walk. Spring is coming!!

In the park... (Click on the picture for full gallery)

In the park... (Click on the picture for full gallery)

On the trip back I stopped at Piazza Maggiore for the “Scienza in Piazza” exhibition that was taking place also in Palazzo Re Enzo, allowing me a photo of Neptune from an unusual angle.

Neptune from above

Neptune from above


Another crisis story

22 03 2009

My friend Peter posted this link to a Rolling Stone article today on Facebook (thanks!). Besides a quite good explanation of the financial mechanics (CDO, CDS, etc.) there are a lot of facts about some of the people involved and the total failure of regulation. It’s a very long article but in my opinion well worth the time.

More Bologna insights

21 03 2009

A chilly Saturday afternoon set the scene for more Bologna exploration that first led me to the basilica and convent of San Domenico. On a number of days in winter when I could not use my bike to go to the school I have taken the infamous 59 bus, passing by this church set in the rear part of a square that also features some tombs on it without taking further notice.

Now what I realized only a short time ago is that this familiar sight actually is the place where San Domenico, the founder of the Dominican order, used to live and where he is buried now – in a tomb-monument designed by Nicola Pisano and also featuring sculptures by Michelangelo!

Tomb of San Domenico

Tomb of San Domenico

Another marvellous work of renaissance art are the wooden choir stalls by a master Fra’ Damiano of Bergamo richly designed with intarsia in the rear part of the church behind the altar (where the apse would be, but technically this is not an apse, but anyway – click here for the Wikipedia link to know more.)

The next surprise was of a completely different kind: as I went to buy a book at Feltrinelli some celebrities of the galactic empire were hanging out at the due torri.

Stormtroopers in Bologna

Stormtroopers in Bologna

Notice that Darth Vader stays behind in the middle of his bodyguards, while he sends out the guy with the funny hat on the left (next to the guy pointing) asking for directions.

And finally some advertising: Besides Sorbetteria Castiglione there is another gelateria I really like – Mauritius on via Riva Reno (click for link, but homepage only has the address). Anyway, just go and check it! Here is the link to Google Maps.


20 03 2009

I just realized that I have taken a 10-day break from blogging. Re-reading my last post I think that might have been a good idea, I guess that was a bit of a weird mixture of thoughts in one post. Anyway.

Another reason for a longer break might have been the fact that I was fighting off a cold during the last days and did not feel so well. But don’t worry, no more medical stories. I self-medicated myself and am already quite close to ok again.

So what did I do with my time off – two short city visits… let’s see if you can find out where (For link to some more pictures and the solution – click on the images)!

A great piece of art done by a great master!

A great piece of art done by a great master!

Gothic grandeur

Gothic grandeur

Other than that I relaxed, read, went out with friends, worked on my italian skills…. and I can not believe that it is already Friday and on Monday the next term will already start.

Before I forget: me and András went to see a really great musician at Arteria – a solo guitarist named Paolo Sereno, who has a quite unique technique of being his own percussionist. I highly recommend checking his site if you like acoustic guitar music (and if you don’t yet, why not give it a try)!!!

Live blogging (and an update)

10 03 2009

After answering some questions we now have some free time before our evening session on organizational design. The questions to be answered were: “Which one thing would you like to change in the next term compared to this one, if possible?”, asked by our tutor (Class answer: “The scheduling.” Tutor: “Well we can’t change that.”)

The other three questions were asked in the Planning & Controlling exam and deserve no further discussion.

First details of the highly secret Term III schedule have been disclosed. One week easter holidays from Wednesday evening to Wednesday morning. The most exciting moment of the week is still awaiting us: the ***Credit person that will speak about internships/projects. Hopefully he/she has some significant infos. Three days and three exams to go.

And without any sarcasm, some spiritual thought:

Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.”

St. Francis of Assisi
(Maybe visiting his place would be an idea for the easter period, click for link)

Late night addition: Speaking about matrix organization structure I suddenly remembered how unreal the business world sometimes seems to me. As to quote “The Matrix”….

The Matrix - red pill or blue pill?

The Matrix - red pill or blue pill? And the truth?!

“…There’s something wrong with the world, you don’t know what it is, but it’s there – like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad…”
(Click here for a short clip)

But that should not go uncommented with a more philosophical side note:
“Truth is the invention of a liar.”
Heinz von Foerster
(Physicist and major contributor to constructivism, click for link)

Medical adventures (Part 6, the end)

9 03 2009

Just to quickly finish this open-ended story: Ten days ago I went back to the shop (I just realized they have a homepage – click here!) to get my insoles, tried them on, they fit, paid the bill… all o.k.! Ever since I have bee using them in my shoes for everyday use but also for sports (I ran 5 + 8 km with them last week, no problems). So I guess that’s it.

Institutions visited so far: 10

Thereof with tangible result: 9

Money spent: 216,60 Euro

Time invested (appr.): 4.00 hours

Days passed since first decision to go and see a doctor: 29

A final comment on the statistics: 10 stops for a result I kind of previewed before the first stop is quite a number. On the other hand, I guess you always have to make sure there is no more serious condition behind any medical problem that might seem easy on first sight. 29 days is o.k. for a minor serious case, I could have speeded it up by not trying to fit the appointments into my quite busy university schedule. The reservation system CUP is actually quite efficient. What really sucked was finding a G.P. at the beginning. As for the money, I shall see if the Austrian med insurance is going to reimburse me for any of that – I am not very optimistic.

Status report, close to end of term 2

5 03 2009

/mode: sarcasm on/

Exams, postponed exams, lessons, postponed lessons, on short notice newly inserted lessons and to top it off various teamwork assignments… need I say more? No! It’s the ***Credit MBA theme park powered by *lma!

What have we learned today: There are quite advanced methods of designing Org structures, but our course does not feature enough time to teach us. (Same goes for consumer analysis, by the way). Compliance is a colourful and fascinating new addition to the world of banking. There is a limit to the degree how bored you are allowed to look (you did not do anything else, did you, J.? Bad girl! ;-P)

Therefore the actual status as described via a picture.

Climbing the career ladder

Climbing the career ladder - MBA helps!

/mode: sarcasm off/

That – and maybe even more so an evening listening to Pink Floyd – was some relief, I feel better now. 9 days to go!