Status report, close to end of term 2

5 03 2009

/mode: sarcasm on/

Exams, postponed exams, lessons, postponed lessons, on short notice newly inserted lessons and to top it off various teamwork assignments… need I say more? No! It’s the ***Credit MBA theme park powered by *lma!

What have we learned today: There are quite advanced methods of designing Org structures, but our course does not feature enough time to teach us. (Same goes for consumer analysis, by the way). Compliance is a colourful and fascinating new addition to the world of banking. There is a limit to the degree how bored you are allowed to look (you did not do anything else, did you, J.? Bad girl! ;-P)

Therefore the actual status as described via a picture.

Climbing the career ladder

Climbing the career ladder - MBA helps!

/mode: sarcasm off/

That – and maybe even more so an evening listening to Pink Floyd – was some relief, I feel better now. 9 days to go!




2 responses

8 03 2009

For Elisa: “Shine on you, crazy diamond!”

9 03 2009

For everyone who feels sympathetic:
“Come on you boy child, you winner and loser,
Come on you miner for truth and delusion, and shine!”

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