Medical adventures (Part 6, the end)

9 03 2009

Just to quickly finish this open-ended story: Ten days ago I went back to the shop (I just realized they have a homepage – click here!) to get my insoles, tried them on, they fit, paid the bill… all o.k.! Ever since I have bee using them in my shoes for everyday use but also for sports (I ran 5 + 8 km with them last week, no problems). So I guess that’s it.

Institutions visited so far: 10

Thereof with tangible result: 9

Money spent: 216,60 Euro

Time invested (appr.): 4.00 hours

Days passed since first decision to go and see a doctor: 29

A final comment on the statistics: 10 stops for a result I kind of previewed before the first stop is quite a number. On the other hand, I guess you always have to make sure there is no more serious condition behind any medical problem that might seem easy on first sight. 29 days is o.k. for a minor serious case, I could have speeded it up by not trying to fit the appointments into my quite busy university schedule. The reservation system CUP is actually quite efficient. What really sucked was finding a G.P. at the beginning. As for the money, I shall see if the Austrian med insurance is going to reimburse me for any of that – I am not very optimistic.




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