20 03 2009

I just realized that I have taken a 10-day break from blogging. Re-reading my last post I think that might have been a good idea, I guess that was a bit of a weird mixture of thoughts in one post. Anyway.

Another reason for a longer break might have been the fact that I was fighting off a cold during the last days and did not feel so well. But don’t worry, no more medical stories. I self-medicated myself and am already quite close to ok again.

So what did I do with my time off – two short city visits… let’s see if you can find out where (For link to some more pictures and the solution – click on the images)!

A great piece of art done by a great master!

A great piece of art done by a great master!

Gothic grandeur

Gothic grandeur

Other than that I relaxed, read, went out with friends, worked on my italian skills…. and I can not believe that it is already Friday and on Monday the next term will already start.

Before I forget: me and András went to see a really great musician at Arteria – a solo guitarist named Paolo Sereno, who has a quite unique technique of being his own percussionist. I highly recommend checking his site if you like acoustic guitar music (and if you don’t yet, why not give it a try)!!!




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