More Bologna insights

21 03 2009

A chilly Saturday afternoon set the scene for more Bologna exploration that first led me to the basilica and convent of San Domenico. On a number of days in winter when I could not use my bike to go to the school I have taken the infamous 59 bus, passing by this church set in the rear part of a square that also features some tombs on it without taking further notice.

Now what I realized only a short time ago is that this familiar sight actually is the place where San Domenico, the founder of the Dominican order, used to live and where he is buried now – in a tomb-monument designed by Nicola Pisano and also featuring sculptures by Michelangelo!

Tomb of San Domenico

Tomb of San Domenico

Another marvellous work of renaissance art are the wooden choir stalls by a master Fra’ Damiano of Bergamo richly designed with intarsia in the rear part of the church behind the altar (where the apse would be, but technically this is not an apse, but anyway – click here for the Wikipedia link to know more.)

The next surprise was of a completely different kind: as I went to buy a book at Feltrinelli some celebrities of the galactic empire were hanging out at the due torri.

Stormtroopers in Bologna

Stormtroopers in Bologna

Notice that Darth Vader stays behind in the middle of his bodyguards, while he sends out the guy with the funny hat on the left (next to the guy pointing) asking for directions.

And finally some advertising: Besides Sorbetteria Castiglione there is another gelateria I really like – Mauritius on via Riva Reno (click for link, but homepage only has the address). Anyway, just go and check it! Here is the link to Google Maps.




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22 03 2009

Who was under the mask? Bajo? May the Force be with us…

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