Amsterdam and beyond

13 04 2009

Somehow this ended up to be a busy Easter week and the Amsterdam trip already feels like ages ago. One main reason for that might be that the subject of the week was the revelation of our whereabouts for the internship. But before we go into that: HERE IS MY Amsterdam PHOTO GALLERY (Link to Picasa in the picture).

Amsterdam excursion

So what about the BIG news: here come the new due torri….

Due torri @ Munich

Due torri @ Munich

Yes. Whoever finally took the decision has decided I should go and work at U**Credit’s local HQ in Munich @ HypoVereinsbank. What exactly I am supposed to do there and what part of the bank I should be with I do not know yet. So at the moment I feel a bit torn, on one hand I very much regret having to leave Italy, as I am just getting into the life (and the language!) here. On the other hand, some hints about what I should do there sounded very interesting indeed and therefore there might be some quite positive side to the story. Let’s see…

Members of the MBA class will be sent to: Milan, Munich – just me :-(, Zagreb, Belgrade, Bucharest, Moscow, Istanbul – congratulations, J.! and some will stay in Bologna. From the geographic point of view I would say that 75% of preferences have been fulfilled by the program management, what everyone will do in their location we do not know yet.




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15 04 2009

Thank you, M.!

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