Deflation – a redefinition

21 04 2009

For some days now I have been wondering how to best characterize the current atmosphere in this MBA program and now I think I have found a word that gives a good hint – deflation.

The “disambiguation page” of Wikipedia offers the right clues:
(1)Deflation commonly refers to a decrease in the general price level.” Yes. Now substitute ‘price’ with enthusiasm, engagement, energy. On one hand I think it is a logical consequence, that after 7 months of quite intensive work at the university people are tired and to some degree worn out. The good weather period of the year has begun, people’s interests change. It is not surprising that all of this shows some results. However, given that we are such a rather small group of people I think it is interesting how often we have cases of sickness – speak about a “decrease in the general energy level”.
However it is still up to us to make the best out of the remaining 5 weeks that we will spend here together – this is a pro-individual responsibility blog!! 😉

But let’s go on with the Wikipedia:
(2) “Deflation may also refer to: A release or escape of air or gas from an inflatable, resulting in its shrinking or collapsing.” Now that is interesting. Was something (over-)inflated here that is now shrinking, even collapsing? A sense of competition forced upon the class, with the distant incentive of choices for an internship or even a job offer, maybe? Was there the high pressure of an air of pretence, that is now escaping its shrinking container and making some weird sounds while doing so? And will at some point someone have the coglioni to deflate their ego to enter a critical and constructive dialogue?

Balloon, fully inflated

Balloon, fully inflated

Ah yes, before I forget – one reason for being inflated at some point can be:
LOTS of hot air!




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