City views

7 05 2009

Last weekend my friend Hans visited me (and escaped just in time so as not to witness the derivatives nightshift… :-)) and besides showing him around some of the places I already know in Bologna we saw two spots I had not seen myself before.

The first one is quite a “risky” place because local superstition says that one will not graduate, if you climb the Torre degli Asinelli before. Well, I was feeling lucky and so I took my chances climbing 498 stairs as indicated on a sign at the bottom. Photo quality is not all that brilliant because I only had my mobile phone.

San Petronio (and San Luca in the background)

San Petronio (and San Luca in the background)

Torre numero due (Garisenda, by name) is really leaning quite a bit to the side, but it looks like that is about to be fixed.

Torre due

Torre due

In previous posts I have shown some pictures and told some stories of the canals in Bologna. And then I got a tip that there is a caffè with a little backside terrace, that is actually overlooking a little waterfall! It really exists and I found it!!

Downtown Bologna waterfall

Downtown Bologna waterfall

The name of the caffè is “Opera e tulipani” and it is in Via Alessandrini near Via Moline.

And we observed one other interesting thing connected with water that weekend – a street musician playing organ music on an instrument made out of water filled glasses. Interesting concept and “crystal clear” sound.




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