What else happened in May

31 05 2009

It’s Sunday May 31st (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRETA!) and I finally make it back to duetorri. These past four weeks have gone by in a rush that I find hard to describe – a lot of news and paths determined, a lot of things to do and a lot of emotions have kept me so busy, that I did not take the time to find the quiet moments that I need to write some coherent sentences on this blog.

In the week after my Rome trip we had a meeting where finally our exact locations and positions for the internships were disclosed. A bit more than three weeks before they are supposed to start. Hmm. Draw your own conclusions. And in the week after that the last set of exams has taken place. No big surprises there.

After the last exam we directly went for a weekend trip to Livorno to celebrate the time spent together and enjoy each others’ company without having to submit a teamwork report afterwards… and Radu and his wife Antonella were wonderful hosts in their city and their house – thanks again!!! In the gallery below there are some impressions – unedited, just as caught on camera… enjoy!

Livorno Weekend
(Click for link to gallery!)

The final week started off with a visit to “the headquarters” in Milan. Some senior members of management gave some speeches (including, yes, Alex the Great), we had a nice lunch and then some more speeches and then we travelled back. Does not deserve a gallery, but a nice group picture:

The UniCredit MBA team (almost complete)

The UniCredit MBA team (almost complete)

And finally three days ago we celebrated goodbye at Alma school with a barbecue in the “secret garden” and a chance to dance in the grotto. I only had my phone with me – but sharp, clear pictures are a nothing but a bourgeois concept! 😉
I feel there is not really a lot I can write about. For all of you who were there you will recall the feeling, for all others I probably can not explain…

Farewell BBQ
(Click for link to gallery!)

So my time remaining in Italy is six days and counting. Which I feel truly sad about even though I have much less entered into Italian life than I had hoped for in the beginning.




3 responses

31 05 2009

Und nu?

2 06 2009

Regarding the last sentences: I told you, download Solaris…expectations shape the future, memories change the past..anyway the most important expert on the topic is Joni Mitchell!

7 06 2009

Yeah, “don’t it always seem to go…” – they even quoted that on the beginning of a chapter of some banking book we got copied for a Beppe experience 🙂

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