A trip to Puglia

7 06 2009

In my last week before going to Munich I treated myself to discovering a part of Italy I had not been to before: Puglia and especially the Salento – the “heel of the boot” (Link to Wikipedia).

Salento coast

Salento coast

 On this trip I simply enjoyed the nature especially the beautiful coastline. And of course my navigator heart brought me to the place where two seas unite (the Adriatic and the Ionian) and that was named “finibus terrae” by the Romans – the end of the earth. Nowadays it’s called Leuca and hosts a sanctuary next to a big lighthouse.
Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca

And there were wild flowers, a smell of summer, a clear sea and so many more beautiful impressions that made this trip unforgettable … in the end it was very hard to say goodbye.

Summer colors

Summer colors

In the gallery below there are some more images – but you really have to go and see for yourself!!!
A trip to Puglia



One response

14 06 2009

Fully agree! Wonderful places, i’ve been there for a couple of weeks and i thought it wasn’t enough! Otranto..and given you like to drive, have you tried going around in the country at night?It’s so dump because of all those olive trees, while during the day it looks like Tunisia!Great choice, M.!

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