Top 5 reasons why you should be in Munich even if you had to leave Italy

22 06 2009

1) If you order a beer you get 0.5 litres, no questions asked!!
2) For these 0.5 litres you pay substantially less than for the 0.4 you would get in Italy.
3) The 0.5 litres taste A LOT BETTER than anything you would get for more money in a 0.4 litre format in Italy, unless imported from north of the Alps (and don’t try to be funny about that South Tyrol stuff, sorry guys, but in the end…).
4) With these 0.5 litres of economic, delicious beer you can have equally delicious Schweinsbraten to eat!!
5) If all that is not enough: public transport runs on time, strikes are almost unheard of and not considered a national sport.

But then on the other side, there is….

Storm over Isar river, Munich

Storm over Isar river, Munich (May 2009, taken from another blog)


Seriously, it’s raining and freezing cold. At the moment (June 22nd, 23.30) 10°C, with a preview of 12-13°C as top temperature tomorrow. Can somebody get me out of here, PLEASE!?




2 responses

24 06 2009

just have a couple of beers and a weisswurst

27 06 2009

..or, given it’s cold, look for Austrian hot chocolate…by the way i found that a Hungarian guy launched that product in Vienna after the siege in 1683, when beloved Turkish guys had to run away because of a Polish army coming; they left 200 bags of chocolate there and the Hungarian one found a way to use them. It’s an international story, so hot chocolate should suit you!

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