On the mountain

9 08 2009

A week ago the very reduced MBA summer mountain crew got together in the quaint village of Klausen/Chiusa to climb nearby Mount Schlern/Sciliar. Sadly we lost one expedition member already to the public transportation systems of Italy or to a slight lack of preparation how to deal effectively with these systems…

Schlern / Sciliar in morning clouds

Schlern / Sciliar in morning clouds

Anyway, on a beautiful Saturday morning after fixing some individual transportation system problems we started from the Seiser Alm plain at roughly 1.800 mts towards Mount Schlern with 2.584 mts. The first view was quite impressive and it really looked like a very far off and hard to reach destination.

But any we continuously climbed our way up, past the “Letzte Tankstelle”, through hordes of wild animals (and some hordes of tourists, to be honest). And after about 3 hrs uphill the goal was close!

So the joint Hungaro-Austrian expedition crew was able to have a nice sandwich up in the clouds to celebrate – and look down on the beautiful Dolomiti landscape all around.

But as always, watch the full story in pictures on Picasa… (Click below!)

Hiking on Schlern

And in case someone wants to follow our footsteps: Here are some Links to…
our accomodation on a farm
the beautiful village of Klausen/Chiusa
– the alpine area of Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi

And as a little reward for all who kept reading until here: the attack of the free running pig…!




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