Heaven’s gate

28 08 2009

August has been passing by slowly and nicely, I have to say. After a quite rainy start into the summer, the last weeks have brought quite beautiful weather also up here north of the alps. Reason enough to explore some more mountains – this time in my home region.

Himmelspforte (Heaven's gate)

Himmelspforte (Heaven's gate)

Together with my friend Hans I hiked up to the peak of Schafberg via the route passing the Himmelspforte (Heaven’s gate). As we reached the top we realized somewhat surprised, that the hike that was signposted to take 4 hrs had only taken us 2.5 hrs. After an even faster way down we relaxed a little in the beuatiful lake (Mondsee) that you can also see on the picture. However, the result was that the following days I was walking like Robocop because it was not possible to move or even bend my legs without any substantial pain.

Below you find the link to the whole album, it also includes some impressions from Hans’ parents’ farm house and gardens in Baum… this is as typical upper austrian farmland as it gets.

Schafberg and Baum

And there is also a little video that gives an impression of the nice panoramic view from up there!




One response

29 07 2010

Dear Blogger: thanks for the lovely post on Schaffberg. We are also planning to hike up schafberg, and were planning to doit from Wolfgang I think. Is there a specific route that should be taken or one that should be avoided? In my reading I was not aware of the heaven’s gate route. Can you please advise? We are departing for schafberg from Melk around August 15.

Thanks Chitra

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