Christmas 2009

25 12 2009

It’s Christmas day (Dec 25th) afternoon, a grey day here in Linz. Today the rain has washed away what little was left of the snow that had fallen about a week ago, covering Austria in white and causing chaos to some European regions less prepared for snow. I heard that Bologna had 30-40 cm. Che casino!

Snow in Sofia

Yesterday afternoon I went for an hour long run around some places of my childhood. With temperatures well above zero, still some icy baked fields of snow on the ground and the sun shining through a silvery haze of thin clouds it was a very nice winter experience. Especially running along the danube river that is almost still at that place with no one else nearby made for a relaxing and mind clearing experience after days of “this-has-to-be-finished-before-christmas” at work.

And even though I do not want to bore the MBA class readers of this blog with too much looking back I can not resist but post the link to my December 2008  blog archive. It feels so far away already. I wonder what it will be like returning to Bologna AND to Alma in about two weeks – that will certainly be an occasion for more blogging. But for the next week I have other plans, I just found a great inspiration below:

(Pictures taken from the ever-fantastic “Big Picture”)