Silvester with strangers

4 01 2010

Today it’s four days into the new year which has begun with a very nice new year’s eve or “Silvester” as we call it in German. However I spent it with a bunch of people I only met 10 hours before the clock struck midnight.

But from the beginning: around Christmas I made plans to spend new year’s eve with some friends and friends of theirs I had not known before. On Dec 30th I learned that one of the guys I knew got sick which triggered a chain reaction of all others (which I already knew) deciding that they would go somewhere else, for multiple reasons – one of them certainly being the fact that the location for the party was a mountain hut 2.150 mts above sea level in the mid of the tyrolean mountains.

But as I was already close, visiting friends in Innsbruck I decided to join anyway especially as our friendly organiser Matthias invited me to come and party with the international crew that would get together to celebrate the end of a decade and the beginning of a new year.

And the outcome: a great evening, a beautiful nature experience, not too much headache the next day despite some icelandic “black death” and the forming of a new promising German-Austrian sledging team, maybe just a little too late for this year’s winter olympics… 🙂

New year’s 2009 / 2010

Above the picture gallery, below a link to a youtube video. Maybe the one showing me playing the guitar and singing will also turn up at some later point in time… that’s the heritage of the Web 2.0 decade.




2 responses

5 01 2010

Hello together! Michi, a great idea to create this side :-). Especially the enthusiastic singers and the player are great. Have a nice beginning of the year!

31 01 2010

Snow…i miss it, and i miss a good pair of Salomon Aero X too! Tell me more about skiing, pliz!

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