Catching Up (Episode II/IV) – The Sister City

24 08 2010

Now for technical reasons too boring to detail I was almost leaving out another very nice trip done this (early) summer: under the guidance of the local Usual Suspect a small but dedicated expedition team explored the other really beautiful capital city on the Danube (any Slovakian reading this: sorry guys, I did not mean yours)!

Budapest from above

Budapest from above

So what was there to do for the excursion team: eat (well, a lot), sweat and soak the night away in the fantastic historical Rudas Spa (take a look here), explore the city profoundly (and look good wearing John Ford glasses while doing that) and finally get ourselves surprised, a little drunk and quite happy during a wine tasting session sampling very nice Hungarian wines. Even a business idea was born! We would just need someone to actually DO SOMETHING. But doesn’t that always seem to be the problem? (See: MBA teamworks, inter-human relationships, etc.) Well, I may be getting to philosophical here. Better look at some pictures – feel free to send your feedback regarding the beauty of the glasses and consecutively of those wearing them to Mr.Ford directly! Alternatively drop me a line and I will pass it on!

Budapest Visit June 2010



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