Catching Up (Episode I/IV) – The Romanian Wedding

24 08 2010

Now the most remarkable event of this spring for me certainly was the wedding of Oana and Ciprian in Romania, at the Black Sea. Now I consider myself an experienced wedding-goer, but my non-Austrian experiences so far were limited to Italy (Veneto) and kind of Italy (South Tyrol, the german speaking Italians who like Italy mostly when it comes to sports or to their fantastic tax deal with the Italian state, but that’s entirely another story).

Wedding At Mamaia Beach

Wedding At Mamaia Beach

So Romania promised to be interesting and this promise was kept. There were friendly and open people on all sides, families and friends of the couple, fun and drink-hard sailors and there was a romano-hungaro-austrian reunion.

And being already there, Andras and me did a quick sidestep into the Danube river delta, to get just a glimpse of one of Europe’s last remaining natural treasures.

Pelicans in the delta

Pelicans in the delta

Just get more impressions for yourself! Here is a picture gallery and here is the Romanian half-cousin of Angus Young playing “Thunderstruck” on his harmonica!!

Oana’s wedding and Romania



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