Hochturm hike

2 08 2011


I just re-read some of the things written last year and earlier. How things fade, importance and focus changes, life goes on. But too late for philosophy tonight. Will try to do some of that on another occasion.
Somehow Due Torri has lost a bit of its purpose, commenting on this exceptional year of my life and (almost) everything (important) that happened in it. Though it was fun to find out that the 2nd edition class of the world’s best Retail Banking MBA found out about it and read it, confirming a lot of my experiences on the MBA.

But I guess it still has the potential for an acceptable travel blog or something of that kind.

So to try and get back in tune with blogging here is a short report about a mountain trip in this summer-to-be. Last weekend I spent with friends close to Graz, celebrating common sailing experiences and two birthdays. And to burn some calories between those two parties my friends Hans and Robert and me went up Hochturm, a peak in the Alps near Eisenerz, the former center or iron mining in Austria (see HERE, quite interesting story btw).

On the way to Hochturm peak

As nice as it is having a whole mountain to yourself, the price to pay for that privilege was freezing our … off! The wind was blowing and the temperature was between 5 and 10°C.! On July 30th!! ‘Nuff said.

You can get a little impression here:




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