The Milano Episodes – a prologue

1 02 2012

I am making another attempt at blogging. It’s crazy, during the MBA I was so busy (or so it seemed at times at least) but now back in working life I can not seem to find the peace to write some coherent thoughts or post some pics.
Well maybe my new circumstances can remedy this. As a new role is demanding more time in Milano my wonderful firm has decided to give me an apartment there instead of paying hotel rooms, thus ending my aspiring career on TripAdvisor (I think I made it to “Senior Reviewer”, fantastic! Some thousand people have read one of my 12 or so reviews buy I only got two “useful” votes. Vote for me, my nick there is vela71! God bless!).
So here we go – in the fantastic modern world of mobile devices I downloaded the WordPress app and am blogging from seat 12A of an Air Dolomiti (the swype dictionary of my Android suggested “slutty”, because it hadn’t heard of the beautiful Dolomiti) Embraer (Android: “rubbery”) plane from Munich to Milan.


The app even has a built in “make a picture” function (Android: “suction”, but ok, I screwed up the swiping a bit) which is kind of cool. So instead of a travel blog reporting about my attempts to find beauty in this world I am giving myself the new mission to write the Milano episodes while business travelling. Or to write about the beauty of business travel while in Milano. Well, who fucking (Android: “ducking” -what the hell is that supposed to mean?) knows what tomorrow will bring anyway?




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