Episode 1 – The Phantom Terrace

5 02 2012

Now is the winter of my discontent (not really, actually, I just like the quote) reigning over my new host city which seems to be coping surprisingly well. Arriving back to Milano I was greeted by some 5-10 cm of snow on the ground and light snowfall that would not cease over night. But: no major traffic chaos that I could notice and the metro was not more congested than usual. Fine with me then, and I have to say I do like the wintery appearance with a bit of white “paint” on the cityscape.


The only pity is that it makes me feel like the first day of actually using my terrace is painfully far away, seeing it covered in snow like this… but I will try to await my glorious summer with some patience. 🙂 But proudly presenting anyway: the phantom terrace (click to enlarge).

Night and snow terrace panorama




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