Catching Up (Prologue)

24 08 2010

Catching Up

About two weeks ago I was reminded of the fact that I had not blogged in a long time through a message sent to me by someone who stumbled upon a duetorri post I had written about a year ago, asking for some details on the hike up Schafberg. Of course I answered the questions, but when logging in here I realized that my last post lies already more than half a year back.

So the urge to decide if I will finally give up blogging completely or try to bring duetorri back to life became stronger. But still I could not get myself started, until today I met someone… but more about that in one of the next posts – so here we go with some News Of The World.


A friend on the blogoshpere

22 06 2009

Some advertising today: Another blog has sprung to life, blossoming like a wild flower on the hills above the bosphorus…  I am happy to present “Floransali’s blog” (click for link).

If you like(d) following the adventures described on due torri, then I strongly suggest also bookmarking his page for an outsider’s inside view into other cultures.

So: Hoş geldiniz! .. in the blogging world.


28 09 2008

Bookmark the page and please come back often!!


A brief introduction to this blog

7 09 2008

This is to be my home on the web for the time coming…

A big welcome to everyone, who wants to share some of the experience from wherever you are! To make this blog most widely accessible I have decided to write mainly in english. Some excursions into German or hopefully Italian at a later stage are however always possible.

So for the time being let me direct your attention to the site I got the idea for the name of this blog from: — a very informative page about the city, only in Italian though.