Ice & Snow

7 01 2009

Restarting my Bologna life I took the opportunity of an almost empty fridge to de-ice it – and the result was a nice cover for my kitchen sink…


Ice in the kitchen...

Ice in the kitchen...

While this was going on inside, outside snow was falling from the sky.  So if you have been convinced so far that all of Italy except the alpine region has that ever-mediterranean mild climate: think again!

...snow on the streets

...snow on the streets


My second room

17 10 2008

Moving again. Finally the room at the university residence I originally “booked” was free, so I moved in yesterday. It is in an apartment of two double rooms, both of which are only used by one person – my MBA colleague Maxim from Ukraine and me. Here are the pictures…

My room no. 1 in Bologna

12 10 2008

Ok. Here it is.

room no. 1

room no. 1

No big surprises, just what a room in a student house looks like. I am not going too much into detail, because I will only stay here for less than a week. To the left is the window, I am standing on the second bed and to the right is the bathroom.

So that is just for documentation purposes…

Accommodation – first attempt

15 09 2008

Today I launched my first attempt to get a place in a student dormitory, which I guess would be the most convenient way to do it… let’s see.

The accommodation info the University team has sent out is not all too promising. Heck, why is there no subprime crisis in Italy…?!