Another week another peak

10 08 2011

This time I was headed for Krumbachstein, a 1.600m peak in the “Viennese Alps”. A nice trip altogether, but an expensive one. I ended up sacrificing my camera to make a short movie of the heaviest rain I have ever experienced being outside – let aside some crazy rains when sailing.

Before you ask: I was not hiking in a creek, the rain simply flooded the hiking trail. But see for yourself.

Fortunately this happened only during the last hour on the way down… it started out as quite a pretty day, see album below.

Krumbachstein – Album

For the records:
Kaiserbrunn – F. Haller Haus (burnt down!) – Wassersteig – Krumbachsattel – Krumbachstein – Lackaboden – “Eng” – Reichenau
7hrs, 1.100 m altitude


Hochturm hike

2 08 2011


I just re-read some of the things written last year and earlier. How things fade, importance and focus changes, life goes on. But too late for philosophy tonight. Will try to do some of that on another occasion.
Somehow Due Torri has lost a bit of its purpose, commenting on this exceptional year of my life and (almost) everything (important) that happened in it. Though it was fun to find out that the 2nd edition class of the world’s best Retail Banking MBA found out about it and read it, confirming a lot of my experiences on the MBA.

But I guess it still has the potential for an acceptable travel blog or something of that kind.

So to try and get back in tune with blogging here is a short report about a mountain trip in this summer-to-be. Last weekend I spent with friends close to Graz, celebrating common sailing experiences and two birthdays. And to burn some calories between those two parties my friends Hans and Robert and me went up Hochturm, a peak in the Alps near Eisenerz, the former center or iron mining in Austria (see HERE, quite interesting story btw).

On the way to Hochturm peak

As nice as it is having a whole mountain to yourself, the price to pay for that privilege was freezing our … off! The wind was blowing and the temperature was between 5 and 10°C.! On July 30th!! ‘Nuff said.

You can get a little impression here:

A skiing day out

20 02 2010

By special request from southern India – an update on skiing activities! 🙂

This winter really deserves its name here in Austria. It has been a long time since we last had so much snow also down in the valleys and even in the city. So after fighting off a slight cold I had been struggling with two weeks ago it was time to get on the slopes another time, so far I have only managed to go skiing for two days between x-mas and new year’s which certainly is not enough for a winter like this one.

Last sunday I then went with two friends to Annaberg, a quaint little village on the way to Austria’s most important place of pilgrimage, Mariazell. Despite a forecast of some sun, we remained under cloud cover or even in slight fog for the whole day, but ok – most importantly there were lots of snow (Click on the pic for the link to a short photo album, only phone camera pictures)!

And what I am now really looking forward to is a 4-day extended skiing weekend early March in Obertauern, not one of the biggest but one of the most convenient skiing resorts, with many accomodations directly on the slopes. So after the aprés-ski fun one must just be fit enough to finish the  trip down the hill… 🙂

Silvester with strangers

4 01 2010

Today it’s four days into the new year which has begun with a very nice new year’s eve or “Silvester” as we call it in German. However I spent it with a bunch of people I only met 10 hours before the clock struck midnight.

But from the beginning: around Christmas I made plans to spend new year’s eve with some friends and friends of theirs I had not known before. On Dec 30th I learned that one of the guys I knew got sick which triggered a chain reaction of all others (which I already knew) deciding that they would go somewhere else, for multiple reasons – one of them certainly being the fact that the location for the party was a mountain hut 2.150 mts above sea level in the mid of the tyrolean mountains.

But as I was already close, visiting friends in Innsbruck I decided to join anyway especially as our friendly organiser Matthias invited me to come and party with the international crew that would get together to celebrate the end of a decade and the beginning of a new year.

And the outcome: a great evening, a beautiful nature experience, not too much headache the next day despite some icelandic “black death” and the forming of a new promising German-Austrian sledging team, maybe just a little too late for this year’s winter olympics… 🙂

New year’s 2009 / 2010

Above the picture gallery, below a link to a youtube video. Maybe the one showing me playing the guitar and singing will also turn up at some later point in time… that’s the heritage of the Web 2.0 decade.

Sunday trip

22 03 2009

As the weather was not warm enough for a long trip to the sea and my health was not good enough for a run I rode my motorbike to one of the sites of the Parco Naturale Delta Po (Link!) and took a walk. Spring is coming!!

In the park... (Click on the picture for full gallery)

In the park... (Click on the picture for full gallery)

On the trip back I stopped at Piazza Maggiore for the “Scienza in Piazza” exhibition that was taking place also in Palazzo Re Enzo, allowing me a photo of Neptune from an unusual angle.

Neptune from above

Neptune from above

Mountain days in Madonna di Campiglio

8 02 2009

A great weekend in the mountains lies behind me. Two days of so much snow as never seen before and one day of magnificent weather and fantastic views of the Brenta Dolomites. After thinking about what to write,  I finally decided to simply let the images speak for themselves.

So, here is the link to my complete picture gallery (two examples below):

Dolomiti in the clouds

Dolomiti in the clouds

Snow & sun

Snow & sun

And there is also a video channel on youtube!!! (Click for link)

Finally, some thanks goes to our accomodation at the “Kaiserkrone” in Dimaro.  The rooms were very nice, the people were friendly and the breakfast was… let’s say “typically italian” – and everything at a reasonable price. And they really have had Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I. (aka Cecco-Beppe, in Italy, thanks Jacopo) as their guest some years ago! Check the “History” section on what might be the worst looking homepage in the country (click here)!

Madonna! (di Campiglio)

25 01 2009

This weekend featured a quick 2-day trip to one of Italy’s most famous mountain resorts: Madonna di Campiglio. The Cimone winter sports crew (see post below) was reinforced by Jacopo another great practitioner of the sports executed on 1-2 boards over frozen water. Pictures to follow, because I forgot my camera in Bologna… 😦 Here is one shot taken from the Web:

Madonna mountain panorama

Madonna mountain panorama

We spent two days on the slopes and spent an overnight in a small village named Terzolas where stayed at a very nice B&B-plus-Osteria spending 30 Euro each on the overnight as well as on an excellent dinner. (Save this link somewhere should you plan to travel to Trentino / Val di Sole) in the near future.)